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Sculpt Inch Loss


What is Osmosis +Sculpt?

This unique treatment uses a blend of specific electronic frequencies including nano & pico microcurrents to encourage the body’s fat cells to release toxins. This results in inch loss as well as strengthening and toning muscles, plus the purging of toxins with the fat. Osmosis +Sculpt does not kill, freeze or use heat to remove fat cells which are actually a vital component of a healthy body.
How often should you be treated?
It is recommended to begin with 1-2 sessions per week in a series of 10 over the course of either 5 or 10 weeks. After 10 sessions are complete your results will be evaluated and you may begin a maintenance program.
What can you expect?
Actual treatment time is just 30 minutes! During your first session pictures and measurements will be recorded.
The +Sculpt procedure is pain-free and results are semi-permanent and last when paired with a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits and consistency are key to achieving and retaining the best results.
To get the most from your Osmosis +Sculpt sessions:
*Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day, especially the day before and the day of treatment.
*Take Osmosis Melt (fat detox support) and Osmosis Elevate (metabolism support) supplements as directed
*Eat clean, consume lean meats or protein and fruits/vegetables while reducing inflammatory foods such as dairy, white sugars and flours, replacing with whole grains in moderation
* Move your body 3+ times per week with walking, yoga, or an exercise program
*Take a break from alcohol consumption during your series to avoid “retoxing” while your body is healing and purging storage of unhealthy toxins
Abdomen, arms, thighs, back and booty can be treated with Osmosis +Sculpt.
Single session price – $150          
Series of 10 – $999
More than one body area can be treated at the same time for a reduced price.  Patients currently in a +Sculpt series will receive 15% off all internal wellness supplements!

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