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The LumiLift® treatment is a photo rejuvenation procedure that combines the effects of Light energy, Micronized currents and HF Polarized currents to produce skin rejuvenation that is safe, comfortable, and effective. Soli-Tone procedures reach down into all three skin levels to rejuvenate skin tissue and lift muscles, erasing years.

Treatment length is approximately 50 minutes. Clients will notice immediate changes and skin will continue to improve over the next few days. Depending on your skin, 6 to 9 treatments spaced about one week apart may be prescribed for optimum effect.

LumiLift® treatments can also be used in conjunction with vibradermabrasion to enhance the penetration of light and currents.

How does the LumiLift® work?
During treatment, two specially designed lifting electrodes, with powerful Super luminous Diodes (ESLDs) pulsate light
and use high power density to stimulate light absorbing photo-receptors in the skin to induce a cellular response. Pulsed red light triggers a wave of energy that stimulates the skin’s repair mechanisms.

While the ESLDs are at work, the Soli-Tone transmits Micronized currents through the lifting electrodes. Harmonizing with the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body, they reconstruct or re-educate muscle tissue, achieving visible lifting results, restoring facial contour, and slowing the aging process. During the last part of the LumiLift® treatment, HF Polarized `currents are applied by two smoothing electrodes to smooth away fine lines.

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