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What is the LumiFacial?

The Soli-Tone LumiFacial treatment is light – four specific wavelengths well absorbed by skin tissue – proven to provide extraordinary therapeutic and repairing effects. When applied with the necessary power density and duration, each color has a unique and direct impact on the cells responsible for skin problems.

The LumiFacial can be programmed to focus on skin conditions such as:

• Acne prone skin

• Redness and Rosacea

• Pigmentation problems

• Photo-aging

LumiFacial treatments can also be used in conjunction with vibradermabrasion to enhance the penetration of light. Let us design a treatment plan to address your specific skin concerns today.

What should I expect?

Treatment length is approximately 50 minutes and most find the treatments very relaxing. There is no downtime and you may resume your normal activities right away. Clients will notice immediate changes and skin will continue to improve over the next few days. Depending on your skin, 6 to 12 treatments spaced one week or less apart may be prescribed for optimum effect. Maintenance treatments will help prolong your results.

The blue light improves acne prone skin and has a calming and regulating effect on the sebaceous gland.The green light decreases the melanin production, reduces pigmentation and reduces redness.

The yellow light is used for its healing, draining and detoxifying properties. It increases lymphatic flow to evacuate more waste products, promotes wound healing and boosts cellular activity.

The red light increases collagen production by 5 fold in the skin, triggering natural repair mechanisms. It increases circulation and speeds up the healing process by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

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