Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal


If you have unwanted body or facial hair, then modern laser hair removal techniques can yield loads of benefits. In most cases, multiple treatments are necessary. Ridding yourself, or loved ones, of unwanted and/or unsightly hair is definitely worth the costs.

Understanding the science behind laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal is also known as photoepilation, a proven scientific technique for hair removal that has been developed through many years of direct clinical trials, studying follicular abnormalities, ongoing laser light research and never-ending exploration into the growth phases of hair. There are millions of laser hair removal procedures occurring constantly all across the planet. This ever-evolving science continues to become safer and more predictable, helping so many people to improve appearances, regain confidence and live more contented lives.

Why we have hair anyway:

For millions of years, humans needed their hair in order to protect them from a barrage of natural challenges. However, most of us have advanced past our hunter/gatherer lineages and now have no need for excessive body and/or facial hair. In fact, without citing peer-reviewed professional journal publishing credentials, the general consensus seems to be that hairy individuals are generally regarded as less attractive. So, given that laser hair removal has continually proven to be a safe, simple and quick procedure, it just makes sense that it’s so popular today.

What are the possible side effects to be concerned about?
Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure. The vast majority of patients are satisfied with the results and highly recommend it to their friends, families and loved ones. However, to be fair, here are the possible side effects:

  • Sun Sensitivity
  • Redness after treatment;
  • Blisters on skin;
  • Crusty Skin;
  • Swelling After Treatment
  • Skin darkening;
  • Hypo-pigmentation

What does laser hair removal cost?
There are no set standards for how much laser hair removal costs. It depends on variables including:
The area of the body hair is to be removed from:

Your heredity and hair type. Some patients will need more treatments than others
Laser hair removal is an effective solution for getting rid of embarrassing, unwanted hair. It’s safe, affordable – requires ongoing treatments over a short period of time.

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