IPL Photo Facials

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IPL Photo Facials


IPL Photo Facial (Pulsed Light Treatments) were developed as a non-invasive method to rejuvenate and improve skin with no downtime. This anti-aging innovation delivers pulses of visible light through several layers of skin to effectively improve facial redness and flushing as well as the visible signs of sun damage on face and chest areas.

PhotoFacial treatments can also be used in conjunction with vibradermabrasion to enhance the overall results.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of PhotoFacial treatments are consistent, visible improvement in the skin with no downtime, little discomfort and minimal risk. With Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments sun damaged, aging skin can be noticeably improved. People with visible aging from the sun can expect to see their skin become smoother with a decrease in fine wrinkles, reduction in pore size and fading of sunspots.

How Does It Work? A non-laser medical IPL device is used to deliver a series of pulses of light to the skin. Specific settings are selected for each treatment and client to maximize improvement. A series of 3 to five treatments are performed at three week intervals. Clients observe smoother skin with visible improvement in irregular pigmentation, fine wrinkles and pore size.

Each treatment takes about one hour, requires no anesthesia, and clients are able to return to full activities immediately after treatments. After your first treatment, your skin will feel smoother and will have a more even tone. These improvements are gradual and will be more visible after each treatment. Five treatments are performed for optimal results. Some clients will benefit from additional treatments.

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