Artisan opened in 2007 to provide safe laser hair removal for all skin types, skin care for all ages and removal of tattoos in a pleasant, calming atmosphere. Our team listens to your private concerns then offers options to suit your lifestyle and budget. We have evening and weekend hours and are available 6 days a week by appointment. Your search for smooth stops here.

Marian is a native Northern Virginian with a background in customer service. Artisan was conceived after she struggled with unwanted facial hair and found relief via laser hair removal.  In 2006 she went back to school to study laser tissue interaction and aesthetics, graduating from the IMAJ Institute in Arizona. Marian wears multiple hats at Artisan including treating clients and patients, marketing, customer service and networking. She loves investigating new laser technologies and helping patients feel better about their appearance.

Maria has always been involved in the beauty industry and finished school for cosmetology and aesthetics in 1998. After completing a successful course of laser hair removal treatments herself, she was eager to help others in the same way. Under Marian’s wing since 2010, Maria learned quickly and received multiple medical laser specialist certifications from IMAJ Institute. Maria loves continuing education classes, speaks Spanish fluently and is an integral part of the Artisan team.